Hoi Hoi

Hoi Hoi !

WELCOME  to  excuse.my.tan .My  little  diary on the net, personally designed  to accommodate  all of what I am passionate about.

Here you will find my display of my obsession with food ,fitness, style, interior design, art,  movies, photography and  my relationships.

I’m a wife and a mommy of  two energetic boys. ! In my fantasies I’m a former fashion model who is passionate about food ,fitness, style, interior design, art,  movies, photography and most of all my relationships . 

I’m drawn to visually clean, modern spaces that are softened and made approachable warmth. I think these pieces add soul and a relaxed sensibility, affecting how we interact and feel in our homes.I am always in for improving my my home decor, we are currently renovating .  When it comes to food I  not do ” Guilty pleasures”, I go for it shamelessly until I start screaming sometimes out loud  ” What was I thinking?”… I always recover too quickly and happily and sometimes even shamelessly make the same mistake all over again. I love life and mission in Life is to find true peace from within.


A Few Fast Facts About Me:

  • I live in the Netherlands  with my husband, Bas, and our energetic boys, Wyatt and Noah.
  • Yellow is my favorite color. When it comes to interiors, I think of it as a highlight color for an accessory between all white walls.
  • I swear and curse when pissed
  • The Bollywood Romantic movies are my guiltiest pleasure.
  • Love life feeding quotes

I do hope that you’ll stick around long enough to start enjoying the party!